The Foundation For A Full Recovery

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FFR Encourages, Foments, Promotes, & Supports A Recovery Lifestyle In Whatcom County & the Pacific Northwest.

Primary actions include sponsoring Family Friendly, Clean & Sober Dances in Whatcom County & Alger, replacement bus passes for disabled persons whom have lost theirs, peer counseling, and the Recovery House Re-Entry Project.


The Recovery House Re-Entry project is being deferred pending results of a $1 million dollar justice department grant.  It's goal is to return and maintain a Recovery House to Bellingham/Whatcom county on or near a major bus line.  The facility is to have job skills training opportunities on-site and off-site via community partners.

We envision the Helgoe-Glenn Recovery House to be on an organic farm such as that at 2344 Mount Baker Hwy, Bellingham, WA.  Once funds are raised, we sill seek county permits for an espresso drive-thru store, and an alternative energy solutions center both of which will provide job training skills.  This particular site is ideal because it has a handicapped suite complete with roll-in shower.  It has the following:  enough space for 15 beds, livestock barn, studio, 30 X 50 shop, and the front yard is asphault and is adjacent to Mt. Baker Highway.  We have identified two other potential sites in rural Bellingham.

Our current project is networking with social interest investors to explore compatibility with our goal to purchase the Burns Family Farm on which our director was raised.  Install 2 Clean and Sober residences and create S Cubed:  A Serene Sanctuary where Citizens may create new lives in Recovery concurrent with new job skills training, and Recovery enhancement seminars from retired Checmical Dependency Counselors, and guest speakers from the Recovery Community and health professionals.

Examples of enterprise training modules include:

Park Model Trailer Construction and Repair Station: Welding, carpentry, plumbing, roofing, siding, towing, delivery, and set-up

Alternative Energy Solutions Center including electric vehicles and conversion vehicle refurbishment, upgrading, and leasing, sales and repair of electric and propane farm/yard/and garden tools and equipment, convert diesel motors to operate on SVO, straight vegetable oil, propane sales, teach classes on how to build your own solar and wind energy systems, sell alternative energy systems with a focus on owner installable units

Gluten Free, Hypoallergenic Espresso Drive Thru & Cafe:  no common allergens will be served nor allowed on premsies.  Common allergens: wheat, rye, barley, chicken, eggs, bovine dairy, soy, potato, corn, quinoa, peanuts, tree nuts, etc...Gluten free, organic sun-dried tomato, organic pepperoni goat cheese pizzas will be available.  Breakfast and lunch cafe, 6 am-3 pm Monday-Friday, closed Saturdays; Sundays Noon-7 pm.

When grant and loan funding becomes available, we will plant an organic U-pick blueberry patch on one half the pasture land.  The other half will be used to raise grass fed lean beef, hogs, and ducks.  Duck eggs sell farm fresh for $7/dozen.

Hearts learn what hands do.  The Burns farm has been a bastion of Unfailing Love for 50 years. The owners, Dennis & Joanne Burns died in the past 12 months.  This is how this opportunity came to be.  Our director is the eldest son of Dennis and Joanne.  We feel that this legacy of unfailing love makes the Burns Farm a spiritually fit location on which to site S Cubed: Serenity Sacred Sanctuary where people may find respite, solace, and unconditional love to support them in their early Recovery Journey.

Tours are available on the farm located in North Stanwood, Washington just 200 yards South of the Skagit county Line to qualified investors by calling Three 6oh 3eight3 seven0 six5, Sunday-Thursday, 11 am-9 pm.  Bring your boots, this is a 37 acre farm.


Tim Bagglio of Bellingham Chinese Herbs has donated a gift certificate for an accupuncture session.  2500 Elm Street,!

We are a non-profit registered with the IRS and as such your donations may be tax deductible.  We are seeking an investor or donor for the $600 upgrade fee to become 501 (c)3 certified with the IRS which virtually guarantees donations will not be challenged for tax deductability.  Please consult your tax professional

Celt Schira has donated one 1.5 hour Hypnotherapy session with value of $80.

WE INVITE COMMUNITY DONATIONS of money, vehicles, RVS, boats with trailers, aircraft, volunteer time, flyer design and distribution, internet marketing, etc....   vehicles running or not if bodies and interiors are in good to excellent condition. Ideally, we would like to have an electric vehicle to include in the raffle to broaden support for our 2013-2014 raffle fundraiser.  FFR is about Recovery; to this end, administrative costs are capped at a maximum of 20%.  80% of every donation goes to saving lives!!!  HEALING HEARTS WITH AUTO PARTS!!

It is our sincere hope that no one in the Pacific Northwest need ever again take their own life due to a lack of a safe place to turn while struggling in their Recovery.  We invite you to help us by spreading the word, LET'S MAKE HOPE LIVE HERE!

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